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Did you think ever that a man may fall in love with you without telling you “I love you” or propose you? Lots of men indeed tell about their love directly. Further, lots of men don’t express their love openly, but they love inwardly.

I don’t know whether you faced this situation,  I discovered my lover by his attitude. Though we worked together in a firm house, he never told me that he loved me so much.

Even then, I was unknown about the signs of true love from a man. Plus, I had no attention to him at all for the first time.

Sometimes I noticed he was so caring about me even he was always at my side, my danger time, and came forward to help me when needed. Now we are a happy couple.

However, there are several true signs he loves you, you just want to know. In this article, I will focus on numerous signs that usually noticeable in both men and women, along with my boyfriend’s behaviour, he did with me.

What are the signs of true love?

Love from a man is slightly different than a girl. Each gender expresses their love differently. Girls feel shy to tell their love openly than a boy. Occasionally this case is different as many boys feel shy to show their love directly. In fact, it’s a game of feelings. Let’s know what the signs of true love-

1. He will be careful about you

You will notice he always pays more attention to you. Whatever you say, he will listen carefully. He rarely refuses your outlook. The man who loves you, he prioritizes you at every decision and place. You won’t find this caring from others with whom you have no blood connection.

In my case: Once I was ordered to submit a document to my boss in a day. I had tried to complete the document on time, but it was taking more time to be ready. Though then there was no relation with my boyfriend, he became very excited about me.

He helped me to make the document on time. Finally, I completed my paper and submitted it. This was actually a sign of caring.

2. He respects you

Doesn’t matter from where you and he came. He must respect you. Upright your dignity to all. It happens when a man truly loves you. He loves to recognize you so that your position remains at the top of him. He dislikes making you fool in front of someone. He highlights you to everyone.

He likes to discuss yourself behind not only in front of you. You never discover him as a rude person. If he wants something that you should do, he will convince without forcing.

In my case: I was in a junior post, and my boyfriend was in a senior position. He made an important decision with our boss. Boss gave importance to his decision too.

When my bf wanted to discuss something with our boss, he addressed every matter with me though he was not liable to chat with me. Even he used to praise me to the boss so that my boss take me importantly. It was a feelings to me, not any love spell.

3. He is tolerant and not rude

As people are just wrong, not sure that you won’t make any mistakes. When a man is in love with you, he never behaves roughly with you because he knows how to compromise. If you make mistakes, he will convince you without using bad language.

When you make mistakes with him, he takes it easy and finally forgets your faults. This is called sacrificing in a relationship. He never shows angry behaviour to you with any cases. As he is patient, so you also show the tolerant behaviour to make the relation secure.

In my case: In my relationship life before marriage, I used to make a lot of mistakes with him. I never saw that he treated me rudely. He just kept him silent but didn’t show a rough attitude.

I used to realize his silence and tried to take back his mood. It’s a simple trick to break a girlfriend/boyfriend's anger.

4. He gives the value of your opinion

If a man truly loves you, your saying gets value by him. Whatever you say, he tries to appreciate your opinion. If sometimes you lose your importance to someone, he will emphasize your idea. He dislikes seeing you upset. As his love is real, his mind tells him your meaning. Your logical opinion never becomes useless by him.

If he realized that you told a wrong thing, he wouldn’t reject it directly. First of all, he would talk with the topic and finished with a mutual conversation.

In my case: One day, my bf wanted to know where I would like to go in our vacation time. I decided to visit a sea beach since I love the sea very much. But my bf disagreed with my opinion. I became disappointed to see his unwillingness. Then he told me as it was a winter season, we should not go there.

Moreover, I had an asthma problem, and I suffer from asthma in the open area, basically in the cold season. I understood why he disagreed. Then he promised to go in the summer season. Although we went later, he gave value to my demand. Your lover also attempts to prioritize your opinion.

5. He is not selfish

Possibly a person can be selfish. Nevertheless, the man loves you. He never shows you a selfish attitude. He knows to sacrifice for you. Your satisfaction makes him satisfied. Likewise, your sadness makes him upset.

You won’t find self-seeking behavior. He pays attention to your choice. Since loving you, the man tries to make you happy at any cost. His goal is to see his girlfriend happy.

In my case: One day, I spent more than my budget on shopping. I was tensed with how I could lead the full month with this amount because I had a tight budget for each cost. Then I informed him, he gave me some money as a lent.

I tried to return the money later, but he didn’t take it though we hadn’t any relationship then. But now I understand why he gave me the money….lol

6. He saves you from bad situations

He knows what danger is for you. He attempts to protect you from any threat. You may fall in different adverse conditions, once he knew it, He tries his best to help you.


If he knows someone works against you, he protests it. If you feel hesitant about someone, he will help you.

In my case: While we worked together, I shifted my residence to a distant area. It took about 30 minutes to reach my house from the office. I wanted to change my apartment again, but getting a new home was not comfortable then.

As my office hour 10 AM to 6 PM, I was worry about going to my home alone. One day he offered me to drop me at my house. Though it was tough for him as he used to return towards the office.

Because his home was near to our office. However, he did it just for my safety. Honestly speaking, Then, I was unknown what is true love like. Gradually, I used to feel him from the heart all day-night.

7. He supports you

In every situation, he supports you, encourages you, and helps you. No one (except blood relationship) come forward to support like him. Want to do something new? You will get him aside. Don’t how he would backing you, he does as he can.

In my case: Once I planned to make a charity fund for the street people. I shared this idea with my colleagues. I asked them to donate. But I wanted someone to get help as I had no idea how to start. At that time, he took me to his uncle to live in another state. The uncle was a founder of a charity fund.

His uncle taught me about this. Still, now, I’m serving the help of the helpless people by the funds. Do you know how? Mostly, his support was a great asset that helped my dream come true.

8. He wants to know your likes and dislikes

When he talks to you, he wants to know about your likes and dislikes like what’s your favorite color, what’s your favorite dishes, where you like to go, etc. After hearing that, he tries to match every choice like you.

You can notice that once your choice gets a match with him, he’ll smile. This indicates he loves to get matches with you. Sometimes, you will get gifts from him. If you forget your birthday, don’t worry, he will remain and wish you. In fact, the man remembers everything about you. You remain at his thought at every moment.

In my case: On a holiday, I liked a nose pin in a shop, but I couldn’t buy it for the high price range. A few minutes later, he met me at the same shopping mall. We talked a little bit and left the place.

Two days later, a courier arrived at my house. When I opened the box, ‘’oh my God, it was the nose pin that I liked” He sent it for me. I asked him how he could understand that I liked the pin.

He answered he was noticing me at the shop. Then bought and gave me the ring. I’m wearing the nose pin still now as it was the first symbol of his love. 

9. He will try to take you to his house

A true lover man treats you as his life partner. So he wants to introduce yourself to his family and relatives. When you get someone tell you to meet his family, it’s a great sign of his love.


Don’t be late understanding as a man says to a girl such this word when he falls in love with the girl. Often, he asks you about your family, what they do. It means he desires to know everything.

In my case: He often requested me to meet his family. But I felt shy, and I didn’t understand why I meet them (Now, I know why he told me). One day, I meet his 2 cousins at a restaurant. His cousins became so happy to see me. I was feeling shame.

10. He can’t move his eyes from you

Have you ever noticed a man look at you all-time, want to make you smile? Because these are the signs a man loves you. There is a mild smile at his lips while he talks to you. It specifies, he is in love. Whatever you say, he loves to look at you. Even sometimes he falls in a trance to you.

Lots of men feel shy to talk with his loving girl, they never forget to see her in asquint. Though they feel shy, they often try to make you laugh. Despite being shy men, they come forward fast when you fall into any trouble.  If you discover a man with this looking attitude, undoubtedly he loves you.

In my case: When I used to go to his room for checking files, he used to look at me continuously. OMG, I was embarrassed.

Finally, he invited me to a park and told me that you know I love you but I just can't take this. I surprised as I never thought like this before. I took a few days to reply; finally, I told him, “Yes.’’

Think again before responding to his attitude

As we are human beings, our minds become hard and soft by the other person’s attitude. If you notice someone is behaving like the signs of true love from a man, possibly he is falling your love and waiting for your reply.

It’s better to say to him “Sorry” as soon as possible if you don’t want to make a relationship with him.

If you love someone, tell him “Yes” or if you want to judge him, take time, and inspect true love signs into him, know his past and present. After getting maximum positive things about him or if you think you can adjust to him, consider for the relationship.

One thing you should remember, the human is not perfect from all sides. They have both good and bad sides, we just need to sacrifice, compromise with each other.

If you can do it, then your relationship exists forever. So, what is true love? Get the answer before jumping into a love and relationships. Otherwise, love doesn’t exist anywise.

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