How to spend weekend with a lot of joy

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I'm Jessica and 26 years old female. I like several things to do on the weekend to make my holiday a joyful day. As I’m a job holder, the weekend relaxation makes me refreshed and increase my stamina for the next working days.

Not only for me but also finding out the perfect relaxation time at least one day in a week is very important for all of us. However, I would love to share my activities with what I do to spend holidays.

Would you like to hear from me? I will be glad if you answered inwardly because I really like to share how to spend weekend even about myself with others. Let’s start-

I start my day with a long breath. I think it grows my confidence to high. I fixed my full time to do things for myself and spend all holidays with family. I never think about my outside activities on the off-day. Because this day is only for me.

Anyway, in the morning, I try to get up early otherwise oversleeping delays my whole day’s activities. Plus, I cannot complete any tasks at the exact period. For that, the full day goes with dull and gloomy.

My morning things to do on weekend

However, after getting up from bed, I take some simple exercises like yoga, tai chi, etc. This habit helps me to begin my day with a smile and fitness. Then I take a smooth shower to feel more freshness.

After taking the bath, I think about all the activities for the day like what I would do. Sometimes I prepare the holiday's routine at night before the day. In the morning, I prepare some nutritious breakfast, or even I make my favorite dishes for me and my family.


I always maintain a healthy diet for mealtime. I avoid eating a full-filling stomach since overeating disturbs to pay attentiveness to my next doings. Plus, it stores fat in my body. Usually, I eat toast, bread, jam/jelly, fruit, or yogurt.

In the day time, I listen to some classical types of music, in fact, I listen also different types of songs. Actually, classical music touches me deeply and takes out me to a tune of silence. Personally, sometimes, I recite the Bible to clean myself from bad deeds.

My noon things to do for weekend

After that, I do all my planned works one by one. For doing all the planned deeds I just take 3-4 hours, I try to complete the tasks around noon. Then I take my lunch with meat, fish, and rice. While I take meat, I just have a little bit. I dislike obesity that happens for limitless meat-eating.

Next, I take sleep for 2-3 hours after having a meal. I think seeping after launch is mandatory to revive the body and I do so. While I wake up, I take a hot cup of coffee. Later. I go for a walk with my pet name Tommy.

Truly, he stays with me all day long. I play with him, sometimes I talk to him though he knows my emotions, feelings, and language. But he obeys my every command.

My afternoon things to do at weekend

Though I dislike spending holidays without family for all off-days, sometimes I meet my close friends as I become charmed by them too. However, I call some of my best friends at the outside restaurant.

We take some snacks, share our feeling and gossip for about an hour. Sometimes I meet my friend at a park or a place where we can gossip, laugh, and share about each other. We never talk about the past that makes us sad.

We like to talk about fun things. When it almost evening, I return home, I feel very tired at that time. I take a cup of green tea to lessen my tiredness.

Things after the evening

Now, this is the time for watching TV. My maximum favorite show telecast at that time. I really enjoy seeing the show with popcorn, French fry, chips, chocolate, or other snacks food.

When its time for dinner, I just have dinner in a low amount. As our body no need huge food at night, we no need to have a lot of food. This is because we don't have to do any hard work at night, so our body doesn’t want high calories.

Just need only a sound sleep. In fact, when holidays, we rarely have hard things to do when at home that make us hungry. Less hardship indicates less food consumption.

By the way, after taking dinner I walk in my balcony and listen to slow musical songs. This music helps to sleep fast. I don't go to bed late at night. It is a wicked habit. I like to go early to bed and early to rise.

I make my relaxation day with these activities what does the average person do on the weekend and it helps to live with happiness, healthiness, confidence, and allow me to pass the working day with ease.

We all should have such a day that assist to forget the whole week’s stress. I shared my story, would you love to share yourself?

If you have something different activity on off-day that we usually don’t, or if you have suggestions on what to do on weekends, simply share with me. I’m waiting to hear from you, start writing on the comment box, please!

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