How to Convince Your Parents to Buy You Something?

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We think you need something from your parents but feeling hesitant about how to convince them, Right? Don't worry about how to convince your parents to buy you something because we have discussed some secrets that you can follow to seduce them.

Parents love their children from the heart. There is no doubt they want to see you happy. That is why they try the best to make you laugh.

Do you know if you can convince them properly, you can get anything good? Just you have to apply the tricks correctly. Therefore, no more talks, let’s know what make them convinced.

1. Discuss what you need

It is not easy to ask something from them as you think. First, choose a good time when their mode is cool. The night is decent since they are free and stress-free at this moment.

You want to choose this time to tell you something about your demand. You have to know who is very kind to you because you should tell your need him/her first.

2. Behave well

We don’t know what’s your behavior to your parents. We suggest you do well behave with them. A good attitude to parents always makes a good impression on you. As a result, they give importance to your every judgment.

While you want something, never show misbehaves even when your mode is off. They want to see your good attitude. However, try to seduce by a worthy approach.

3. Help while need

It doesn't matter whether you are a girl or a boy. Assist your mom in the kitchen. Don’t wait when she will call you to assist her. You have to come forward to help her.


Ask what she needs or how can you help her. Supporting mom at her requisite time makes a good impression on you that helps to get whatever you desire.

Wait for the time when your dad returns home from the office. As soon as he would knock the door, run fast to open the door with a smile. Continue this doing. Honestly, he will be happy with you too. Next, he would try to give what you want. Talk to him daily about his whole day. In a word, you have to be friendly with him.

Tips: Truly, a boy is a beloved one to a mom. Similarly, a girl is a beloved one to her father. Better to convince the mother if you are a boy. Try to seduce dad if you are a girl. This proven trick will be effective to get something.

4. Never give up if they say “No”

Parents usually say “No” during hearing something unpleasant. Never be upset to hear such a word. They won’t reject you if you want anything good or logical. Tell your needs repeatedly. Chances they will agree with you.

Note:  Think first about their ability whether they can purchase it or not. Requesting anything frequently than their capability hurt them. Try not to hurt them anywise in any situation. Convince parents so they give anything happily, don't force them with the opportunity of their love for you.

5. Take A Break Between Asking For Twice         

If you ask us how to convince your parents to buy you something expensive, we recommend you request a thing by keeping a few days gap. Yet about most people make this mistake.

Yes, many people continue to request until they get it. It is a bad practice since the parents feel bothering. Keep a few days break between asking two times, so they realize you didn’t give up because you really need it. This trick allows to

6. Get help from other

Do you have grandparents or someone who has a good relation with your family? They can obviously say your need to your parents. Parents do not react negatively as they react when you ask anything.

If someone speaks on your behalf, your parents will listen carefully and probably they would consider your demand. In fact, the person should have a good impression on you so he/she agrees to talk to your mother or dad.

7. Do your own chores

Keeping all of your domestic chores for your mom indicates a dependence on someone. This also minimizes your values to other even to your parents. Doing at least your own chores by yourself specifies your reliability that creates your value to others.

All parents want their children will not be dependable on others. While you do something like that, they trust you and believe whatever you think would be positive. With this trustworthiness, you might achieve anything from parents or even anyone.

8. Give Anything

Got stuck? It is a process of achieving everything instead of a small thing. You know about your parent’s likings. As an example, choose an occasion to give them anything as a gift.


No matter if you don’t have a large amount. The gift is the only a gift, price does not matter. This trick is effective to ask big stuff at the rate of small things.

Note: You can give a kitchen utensil or any cosmetic item on a small budget. Your dad might get a pen, a notebook, a magazine, etc. These things don’t make sense of a good gift but parents like what their children give.

9. Tell your needs beginning of the month

Beginning of a month is a perfect time when people have money in their hands. Having money in pocket keep mode-on so if you pick this time chances to get what you expect.

Wanting something at the finishing time of a month is very annoying due to an empty pocket. Don’t choose this period to want anything otherwise, you will hear "shut up" or get punished.

Wrap it up!

Your parents are such a person who expects to see you joyful instead of giving anything. Yet you should understand their financial ability before telling them about buying something.

Requesting to buy something than their capacity makes them panic. There are several considerations you should remember. We hope you got how to convince parents easily. Do you have other trick? So share with our audiences in the comment box.

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