10 Best Baby Alive Doll in 2020 -for Your Sweetheart Baby

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Would you love to give your baby the best baby alive doll as his/her new friend? Definitely, yes, because I am sure you want to see your baby happy. When they come to the world, they need to pass their time with someone, mainly they want to play. Truly, they are fond of the doll at a premature age.

However, if you give them an alive doll, it will influence their mentality. Since, they can change diapers, feeds the toys, take care of them, these activities teach them responsibilities to a person from babyhood. Essentially, your baby can pass their day playing with the doll and you get relief or do household chores. In this article, there are 10 baby alive dolls that could be a wonderful gear for your loving baby.

1. Baby Alive Twinkles ‘n Tinkles (Blonde)

It is a 14-inch tall most popular baby alive doll that can be the best choice for your babe. Because this size is quite enough for kids. In fact, your baby will love it as her friend since looking alive all time.

Moreover, your investment in this best doll can be worth for having outstanding features. All capabilities must attract your sweetie.

An attached bottle makes a drinking sound that increases the joy of playing. This toy has a false diaper and an indicator that inform your baby when require to change. Possibly, you know some toys have down the hand that makes a lifeless sense, but in this toy has an upright hand that means the doll is alive and wants to talk with your babe.

It generates shooting sound to make babies crazy. It talks both in English and Spanish language. So, no need to worry thinking about whether you come from Spanish or English talking family.

Basically, the talking process conduct by battery's power. When you need a specific language, just need to switch using an onboard switch, both languages made this toy superb gear for babies. It has over 20 phrases that help a baby to develop her language skills.

This doll has a lifelike design that ensures your baby’s charming whole day. Its face and hairstyle make an alive sense among the babies. If it gets dirty, your baby can remove the detachable parts of this toy to clean or change.

In fact, this total procedure can be so easy that your babe can do alone, you no need to help them at all. To make the toy more attractive, you will get a wipes box, free bottle, and full instruction.

Our Verdict

When you feel tension for your baby’s language learning, we think no other option can be beneficial at this moment except this toy. If your baby comes from English and Spanish language, you may choose this doll without delaying. Its phrases are very clear, charming, educating, and lacks emotions.

Standard size, best quality, good material all make this item perfect for 3+ aged kids. So, no more worry, this soft face baby alive for sale, can purchase for an enhanced experience.


  • Built-in English and Spanish language capability
  • Fabulous design
  • Durable pattern
  • Pretend diaper indicator
  • Keep babies engaging whole day long


  • Sometimes the languages get changes suddenly

2. Baby Alive doll Snackin Lily, Snackin’ (Brunette)

I am expecting a worthy doll within my tight budget. Do you think that? I do not know but I can assure this toy can fill your desire. Those people want an outstanding doll in a low amount, this is the best price for baby alive doll.

If you have a girl and want to surprise them by a toy then the baby alive super snacks doll could be the seamless toy. Because maximum dolls for girls are being adored largely by girls than a boy baby alives. From this perspective, your baby girl will love this Snackin Lily doll very much.

It belongs to lifelike design with multiple accessories. It feeds on provided pretend snacks that should have almost in every alive doll. It also poops in her diaper like a real baby, so your baby might get a proper texture of a real baby.

She can take care of it, she can feed her, wash her diaper, change baby alive clothes, diaper and clean. You know these activities teach her how to do care a person, this attitude leads her to great responsibilities in her real life.

Sometimes babies get angry and they show their angriness to the toy, this behavior impacts the toy. It may get broken or damaged. But this Snackin doll gives you confirmation about not to be broken. Because it has made with kid-safe material and plastic. If your baby announces for a battle with this doll, surely she will not be able to defeat (break) the toy anywise. I am kidding with you!

However, it comes with several instruments like removal and washable parts that keep it clean always, two ounces container, reusable doll food. Your 3 years old kid easily can set up the parts. In total, your kid will gain a new experience all over again by this toy.

Our Verdict

Its quality is just amazing. Your baby will love it very much. But you have to make sure whether your kid knows the feeding skills very well. If she/he cannot feed correctly, chances to stick food inside it does not matter a small amount of food item.


  • Kid-friendly design
  • Durable as has no expiry date
  • Eats and poops like a real baby
  • Belongs details guidelines


  • Sometimes, the chances of stick food inside it

3. JC Toys La Newborn All-Vinyl-Anatomically Correct Real Boy

You are not sure whether your baby will like a girl baby doll, plus, you also have own choice for gender. Anyway, if you wish a boy baby alive doll then this doll baby alive is calling your kid. Yes, this wonderful toy comes with some remarkable features like enough size (15 inches). You may choose it both for your girl or boy kid.

Its moving hands and legs let your baby move as he/she wants. They can keep it folding hands and legs depending on their playing charms. Structurally a fantastic doll gives your kid an alive like sense. He will be engaging the whole day long, so you can pay attention to other chores since your kid play with the toy.

On the other hand, it has 11 pieces of a set like a doll, outfit, headband, booties, plush Dino, blanket, hospital bracelet, bottle, rattle, birth certificate, and pacifier. How amazing this is! It is washable and comes through safety tastes.

Our Verdict

When parents are concern with the best companion for their baby, this toy can eliminate their worry. Especially comes for 2 years old kids, has every necessary accessory mentioned above. So it can be a wonderful choice for the loving kid.


  • Ensures health safety materials
  • Complete set of essential accessories
  • Ensures durability
  • Fully real boy structure
  • Has the necessary clothes


  • Favorite by only little baby like 2 years

4. My Baby All Gone African-American Doll

You are seeing this doll comes with specific body colors. The demand for this doll is increasing constantly around the world. However, its materials consider high quality. So there is no chance of breaking out or damage. All ages children love it so much. The element used to make it, all passed from health taste. No chance of falling into any health issue.

Your baby can take care of her/his friend, she can feed it, talk with it. It has 2 language talking capacity such as English and Spanish. It has more than 30 phrases, so your kid will enjoy both languages or he/she can learn and speak in a specific language.

Luckily, it drinks the liquid and poops like real that makes kid hurry to wash and clean. They remain busy all time and you get relief. Other included accessories are 2 food packets outfit, 2 diapers spoon, bowl, bottle, and details Instructions.

Our Verdict

For want of durability doll who drink and peeps like a real kid, this one might feel your baby’s demand. Quality and safety passed. In fact, best for 3+ old kids to keep them engaged. Built feature with English and Spanish languages demand, just need two AA batteries to run it. So may choose without hesitation.


  • English and Spanish talking capacity
  • Full instruction
  • Eat and peeps in the diaper
  • Over 30 phrases
  • Passed from safety and quality


  • No negative feedback gained yet by customers

5. Baby Alive, Baby Shark Blonde Hair Doll

Would you like a special baby doll for your loving kid? Here, we highlighted a different baby alive review. Yes, this comes with baby dance and shark song. Your kid will relish the toy deep from the mind. It has removal shark tail that lets your kid allow to clean the toy. Besides, the hood detaches capacity allows to clean when need.

Kids can play with it in water even out of water. This feature helps to keep a kid cool in the water because often they do not want to take a bath. If they get this stuff, they will show interest to take bath at a high time.

Plus, the kids 3 years old and more than 3 years can play with it. If you buy then you can run in a long period till 5 to 6 years of your kids. It passed from high-quality material that ensures durability and safety.

Our Verdict

Who has a kid do not want to take a bath, this toy will call them for bathing. For being different designs, every kid will love the as a different model.


  • Durable Materials
  • Detachable hood and tail
  • Dance and sing
  • Safe materials for health


  • Slightly small sized

6. Baby Alive Play 'n Style Christina Doll (Blonde)

Does your baby cry for long hair or want a doll with long attractive hair? Therefore, this toy is the best deal on baby alive doll. If so then this Christiana doll comes to fill the wish. The hair has a contrast color like something pink and brown. This is why the hair makes a wonderful look. It has a quite face cutting like a baby is talking.

Your kid may take a hair styling fun with having a hairdryer along with hair extension and barrette. Thus, the kid can do hours of fun by it. Although it does not drink and pees like the other dolls mentioned above but offers outstanding playing.

Made with a high-quality plastic material that warrants for durability, do not make irritation at all on the sensitive skin. Its body is so smooth like a real kid. 14 inches tall, 1.6 pounds weight enough to feel a real puppet. Your child can carry for an outdoor trip conveniently. Plus, you can customize dresses and hairstyles given on the internet.

Our Verdict

If you think your baby will love a fashionable doll who drinks, pees and talks, this doll is waiting to make friendship with your child. Structure, looking, good features all make the best doll to buy.


  • Long and stylish hair alignment
  • High quality plastic body
  • Free fashion accessories
  • Lightweight to carry everywhere
  • Safe materials


  • Do not have eating and peeing features

7. Baby Alive Lil' Sips Baby Has a Tea Party Doll - African American)

Lil’ Sips is another bestselling baby alive eating doll for having great designs and innocent African American outlooks. Its large innocent eyes grab attraction from kids. Children can carry anywhere to make their outing time more charming. Not only for specific ages, but you may also choose for different ages of children as a gift. The manufacturing materials are totally safe for health.

Even it does not break if it falls all in a sudden from hands. If I say about quality then I have to say this toy is worthy selection especially those who are a concern for quality and durability, since it passed from all the manufacturing tastes.

Included with a tea party sets allows having fun like someone passing times with her/his friend drinking tea. Plus, drinks and wet diaper with pees. Other included accessories are a teapot, Sippy teacup cover, teacups, removable dress, tiara, teapot, teapot cover, 2 teacups, 1 diaper, and complete instruction.

Our Verdict

Some babies like making food and hosting tea parties. For, this item it can be worthy. The child gets a stunning African American texture in this toy. All tea party’s equipment is available in set.


  • Baby alive doll that eats and poops
  • Best for tea party-loving kid
  • Kid-safe elements
  • Have African American touches
  • Quality and safety taste passed


  • Often pees get leaked

8. Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby (Brunette)

Imagine, your baby shouted and her/his doll starting to cry, how amazing moment is that, is not it? We know all babies are not the same, some become angry and are cool. Those have shouting attitude, this doll can be perfect for them. This model comes in a humble brown wrapping. It knows if someone threatens or scolding her, she will cry.

In fact, when it feels ill, its nose will turn into red. How amazing the feature is! In total, your child seems this is exactly a real baby. After seeing crying, she will be emotional and take care of the doll. This attitude greatly impacts on her personality.

She knows over 35 phrases and sounds both in English and Spanish. It will drink fruit juice from her built inbox. Comes including doll, stethoscope, outfit, thermometer, bandage, juice box, tissue, brush, and details instruction. Just need 3 AA batteries to run all the functions.

Our Verdict

Once you bought this toy, your kid can style its hair. She/he will learn emotion that leads her to take care of crying people. Huge ranges of phrases allow giving a sense of alive doll.


  • It knows emotions and cry
  • Interactive design and long-lasting
  • Include free checkup
  • Able to speak in English and Spanish


  • No cons

9. Barbie Nursery Playset with Skipper Babysitters Inc. Doll

I have seen many Child fond of the baby alive old version Barbie doll. Although there are many dolls are arriving in the marketplaces, but they have a different attraction to the Barbie toy. For these types of children, this is an excellent selection from this list.

A mom is taking care of her babies, one baby playing in a rocking horse, another is playing aside. There is a baby alive doll bed for them. Actually, this kind of elements introduced this toy most demanded. More than 15 accessories make a complete set.

It includes changeable babies with extra parts such as two bottles, wipes, diapers, and a bottle warmer. Kids can play with the toy in a short space and on the table. It inspires a girl to discover new possibilities as to when she played, her brain works to arranging family chores. In a word, you may try this item to get a notable charming from your kid.

Our Verdict

Women need to be able to handle his family and babies. If you give this toy, they can learn the importance of handling a family and emphasis on child care. She gets inspires, so you can choose it for the kid so that they can pass time and realize the family caring.


  • Durable and safe materials
  • Inspire in new thoughts
  • Best baby alive doll for 3 years old
  • Customizable hairstyle
  • Details instruction
  • Detachable equipment


  • Included babies have no clothes without pampering. Looking something weird

10. Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye (Brunette)

Well, at the last item, we have picked an excellent baby alive that can eat and drink, it must increase your baby’s joy. From our best toys to the buy list, it is another amazing toy you can give your caring toddler. You know most baby crawl on the floor at his/her babyhood. Especially, when someone touches a crawling a baby, he cries owa owa..

This concept works in this popular doll. Its design looks like a crawling baby. She reacts like a real baby, she clatters and tickles and makes shooting sounds. Definitely, this behavior will make your baby more entertained. If your child gets tired to arrange a tea party, this stuff can give her relief as it did not come with typical features. She can eat, rains her diaper.

You can carry when want to go out to give your child extra appealing. It includes doll, brush, carrier, bottle, diaper, rattle, outfit, and full instruction. Its handy design let your baby carry without your help.

Our Verdict

If you want a different baby alive types, this can fulfill your wishes. Even your child must be happy to get such a toy. Parents gave feedback that their child loved it very much since it drinks and peeps like a real babe. You do not need to think about durability because it is long-lasting. All accessories are first classes, you can choose without think for a second.


  • Crawls, drinks, and wets
  • React on touches
  • Kid harmless elements
  • Faultless for 3+ years old


  • Seems continues shooting is intolerable when touches

Baby alive doll video - Crawling Baby Alive Go Bye-Bye Doll Morning Routine Feeding and Diaper Change

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Why should you invest in a real Baby Alive Dolls?

Still now many people think, investing in the baby doll is a waste of money. Of course not, if you think deeply, your kid’s has mind, she/he also wants to live in happiness. Sometimes he cannot express his emotions and joy with other. But when a doll belong to him/her, he think it is his/her friend subconsciously. The doll removes dull and gloomy.

Not only that but also you can do anything when your children busy with a doll. If there is no doll, what happens then? You have to stay aside your kids even in your working period.

So you get relief by it. This doll particularly comes with the features that usually looks like a real baby. It is able to entertain kids, create positive sense, emotions, allover remove boring. It offers new play opportunities with teaching future life’ activities.

When did baby alive come out?

''Kenner'' introduced it in 1973 and after spread out worldwide.

Can Baby Alive eat regular food?

No baby alive eat real food. It can eat that food has in the package. If the kids try to feed them regular food, chances to get damaged. Similarly, children should not feed any drink. Only the given drinks keep them good. Otherwise, putting regular food in the bottle and cups get rotten along with creating bacteria.

Is it possible to use regular Play-Doh as food?

From the customer’s feedback, baby alive play Doh usable to use as food. In fact, most numbers of baby alive doll that eats play doh. It works well with food sharpers. Just pay attention on what amount of Dough feed your child. If the quantity is large, chances to stick food inside the chunk.

What age group is Baby Alive for?

Actually, dolls that eat and drink comes for different aged kids. If want to buy for three or more, try to buy included more features.

Are Baby Alive dolls manufactured with the good product?

Of course, it made with high-quality materials. If you/baby do regular cleaning, it will go in the long run.

Which baby alive doll is the best?

There are several models like super snacks snackin, baby bye-bye bye, sweet tears, ready for school now and blonde Africana and American. People choose which model their baby wish, depends on your choice.

Is Luke the only boy version of this doll?

Luke is widely known as the first boy doll of the bay alive. But we see only the super sanckin Luke. Possibly, the manufacture will supply the dolls to the market when it has huge demand.

Do all the alive dolls eat, drink, wet and poop?

Not at all, some just sit with a bottle, not wet, eat and drink, some is comes in diaper and it is sign of wetting. Yet attempt to choose after seeing features. In this article, maximum dolls eat, drinks, wet and poop.

What the material of their food?

Generally, the food is a dough elements like play-dough. All baby doll eats food like doh.

Which baby alive doll poops?

Almost, maximum type poops but some are not featured in poops. Check the feature before buying.

Where can I find a baby alive doll

Normally, customers get from online, they do not go to market just for the tiny item, order from online.

Does the skin feel like a real baby skin?

Yes, the skin is soft and the head made with hard plastic.

Do the eyes and mouth close?

Only the Sweet Tears baby’s eyes and mouth close. Other dolls keep eyes and mouth open.

What are the baby alive doll names?

  • Luv 'n Snuggle Blond
  • Luv 'n Snuggle Baby Doll
  • Super Snacks Snackin' Lily
  • Face Paint Fairy
  • Baby Go Bye Bye
  • Sweet Tears Baby
  • Ready For School Baby
  • Face Paint Fairy
  • What size doll is baby alive maximum?

    Still, the available size is up to 16 inches

    Can I buy the diaper separately?

    Yes, as the diaper can detach for cleaning, you can replace it with a new one.

    How much does a baby alive doll cost?

    Generally, the price starts from about 10$ to 200$ (Price can be more or less depending on quality, size, etc.) But the more your budget, the more chance to get the more performed doll.

    What to Look for in a Baby Alive Doll - Buying Guide

    Think about your kid’s age

    When you decide to buy a doll for your child, think first whether he/she appropriate or not for playing with doll. This because all dolls are different.

    Some comes in small size and small accessories, this wrong size purchasing make a risk for kid. Little baby can push roughly the doll or can bite any parts and could be dangerous.

    Look at the design

    Although maximum dolls outlook is same. But there is little change among them. Anyway, the design you like most can select that. But may try for a decent design, decent means have a quality of teaching something. Moreover, check the whole body if there is any broken and cracking issue.

    Check Functionality

    An alive doll improves the mental and physical condition. It helps playing role at home that greatly impact mentality. So try to buy after checking multi functionality.

    Particularly the dolls eats, drink and pee that are best for kids. Check for hair whether it is customizable or not and check the other component.

    Think for safety

    If a doll comes with normal material it can be harmful if the children chew any parts. Suggesting to avoid such products. Check the toy is BPA free, BPA is a chemical used for industrial purpose. Inspect the feature, is it kid safe or not? After assuring, you may finalize the toy we should not compromise with our children’s health.

    Wrapping it up! 

    Congrats, you have completed reading the post, now what are you thinking? I guess you want a doll that will be faultless from all sides. We hope this baby alive doll reviews will support you to find the best one.

    But one important thing is the alive doll is not a doll, it can be the best friend of your kid. When you are busy with your works, the doll will accompany your child.

    Also improve mental and physical health remarkably. Yet if you have any specific query, do not hesitate to comment, we will love to hear your questions and thoughts. Wish you a best baby alive doll for your dearest kid.

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